Top Destinations In Pakistan

    top destination in Pakistan

    Top Destinations In Pakistan

    What really captures your eyes when you travel to a new country are the breathtaking views that make them top destinations in Pakistan. And the heart-warming personalities of people of that country. Every other reason comes second to these two major reasons. Pakistan is blessed with vivid landscapes. And its multi-cultured people that radiate hospitality. This is exactly what makes a trip to Pakistan worth a thousand lifetimes! Here’s a tour to the top destinations of Pakistan!

    Hunza Valley:

    A tour into Hunza is a visual story told by its vast golden-crusted mountains. And ancient roads etched with cultural history. Being one of the top destinations in Pakistan. It’s not just a landscape picturesque valley but a land of the people of Hunza. These extremely hospitals and as well as valuable Hunza people are scattered all over the valley. They are also very trustworthy people Who even leave their shops open when they leave for offering prayers in the mosque join us Pakistan tour for more .


    The Karimabad is the capital of the Hunza district. And the landscape is on high altitude and mountainous views. The ancient Baltit Fort is on one of the highest points of Karimabad and overlooks a stunning view of a canyon.

    Eagle’s Nest

    The Eagle’s nest is a viewpoint in this capital near the fort. And is the top destination in Pakistan for viewing the most epic golden sunset.

    Karakoram Highway

    The Karakoram highway leads to Karim Abad in Hunza. Furthermore, it is a dream come true and top highway destination for the motorcycle tour enthusiasts. Just grab your Harley Davidson and cruise through the highway. The highway stretching all the way to China also leads to destinations like the mighty Passu Cones and the magnificent Attabad Lake that was made because of a land-sliding!

    Swat Valley

    It is a local saying in Pakistan that “if you want to explore the natural beauty of Pakistan, then keep exploring the North”. By doing that, surely, you will reach Swat Valley. Where the landscape has the ambiance of the green lush fields. And the blue shade of sky that always touches the mountain peaks. The terrorism inflicted in the past in this valley has done little to its breathtaking beauty. And to make it on the list of top destinations in Pakistan.


    top destination in Pakistan's

    Mahodand Lake

    It is described as the emerald green lake that covers a vast area with hills and mountains. The Journey of this top destination starts with the Ushu forest. Once reached the vast and beautiful Mahodand lake. The wild horses and cows will roam freely across the great plains near the mahodand lake. It furthermore enriches the nature of spirit within you!

    Ushu Forest

    Ushu Forest is the midway between Ushu and Mahodand lake. The forest and road are exactly a real-life depiction of the movie-scenes. As you embark on this journey. You will feel completely immersed in the road trip. Where the lake flows right by the road and as well as the trees envelop the sunlight into scattered rays on the road. You definitely don’t want to miss on the journey through this top destination.


    The territory which was formerly known as the Northern Areas. Borders with the Azad Kashmir to the South. Gilgit holds the scenery for all-season tourists as it consists of lakes, glaciers, snow capped & as well as green patched mountains, and valleys. This area made it on the top destination in Pakistan. Because it is home to the highest peaks of the world- including K2. Furthermore, the rich cultured people and scenic landscapes of places like the Fairy meadows. And so K2 basecamp are top destination trips of a lifetime!

    The Fairy Meadows

    The Meadows is a place of stunning beauty. When you reach the fairy meadows. You can always expect to be surrounded by nature’s wondrous combination of icy snow caps of Nanga Parbat. (The 9th highest peak in the world) in the background. While in front of you will be the green pastures. And blue lakes that reflect the sky. So far all of this view is stretched to miles and miles. 
    Pakistan truly is a top destination itself and compiling all the out-of-world experiences from its journey into the world tourism does not do it justice. This is no tourism, this is a journey!

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